Monday, 1 September 2014

Currently did this happen?

I can't believe I'm managing to link up with Farley for her Currently this month. My blogging is sporadic, at best, so it's great to actually be linking up on the actual 1st.

It's 8:43am, on a Monday. The last Monday I'll be able to sip iced coffee and watch old episodes on TV...whomp whomp. School starts this week.
Listening to Happy Endings. I love the random TV over here in the UK in the morn, Before this was a 2011 episode of Glee. So sad that Happy Endings was cancelled though, such a cute show.
Loving, is it sad that it took me a while to think of something for this one? I've been to the gym for the last two days and have really worked on my abs, so now they are sore. I swear if I squint my eyes I can just about see my stomach shrinking.
Thinking, the caretaker's wife just FB messaged me to let me know school was open today. I went in on Friday and was the only person there! I was doing things for 6 hours, not that you'd be able to tell. My room still seems empty and disorganised. I tell you what, I hate changing rooms! The caretaker told me he wasn't going to open school today, so I booked a massage and plan on getting some new BTS clothes (yes, like I am a child). But now...I know school is open, do I go back in?
Wanting, I'm sure all of you feel the same way as me at the end of summer. Where does the time go?
Needing to chill out. I haven't stopped stressing about school since we got out. I guess a classroom move, new year group and reading teacher blogs will do that to you.
3 trips, the hubs and I want to do a bit of travelling this year before we start thinking about having kidlets. We want to go to Cambodia/Vietnam this summer. If possibly we'd also love to go to Columbia, where my bro-in-law lives. New Zealand seems amazing. I've only ever heard good things about it, so it's definitely high on my list.

Thanks for linking up. If you stick with me, I might actually try and be less sporadic about blogging...maybe.