Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Made It ... Bulletin board, tool box, time filler, Oh my!

Phew! I am finally finally finally able to contribute to Monday Made It.

Monday Made It
To say it has been a busy few weeks is an understatement! We just finished school on the 24th and I had two days to try and sort my room.
This is what I kinda left it like ...
Emmm two days was not quite enough to get myself organised and sorted! Unfortunately this disaster area is not getting sorted until the beginning of September. I may have had my priorities set on another task (whoops)!

Made It #1
I may have found some fab wallpaper a month or so ago. I really wanted it but could hear the voice of Dan and my friends in my head saying 'Stop spending money on your room!' so I left the wallpaper. For two weeks I thought about it and finally caved in and bought it.
How stinkin' cute is this paper! I love the varied fonts. I love the moustache. I love love love the inspirational quotes. I decided to use this as my backdrop for my intro board.
**Disclaimer - I got this intro board idea from Pinterest, but realised I hadn't actually pinned it! If you know who this is by, please let me know and I'll give credit where it is due.
I decided to add some lovely curlicue (??) frames which I bought off TPT

I also added a lovely black border to hide the uneven edges make the paper stand out a bit more.
(Almost) final result of my introduction board:
I can't wait to take the students' pics and stick them in. I am also toying with the idea of adding welcome lettering above the board. 

Made It #2
I made a teacher toolbox a few months ago but never posted about it. This was mainly due to my lack of bits and bobs that were actually in the toolbox. Like other teachers, my only gripe with the toolbox is the length of the drawers. I can't quite fit my pens and Sharpies in and lord knows I've got a billion of them!
I'm sorry about the super wonky pic! Literally took it as I was running out the door to catch a bus.

Made It #3
So I'm not sure if this last one technically counts as a Made It, but I'll be cheeky and add it in anyways.
As I mentioned before, school has only just finished. The last few days I have needed to have some random activities up my sleeve because of different schedules, sports day, etc. I found this idea on Pinterest (I know, I'm an addict). It was a really cool and seemingly simple art project. Turns out it might be simple for older students, but my 8 year olds had a go. Some of them were able to really get it and some just had not spatial awareness. It was okay though, ticks the art box and the filling time box.
This was my finished masterpiece, if I do say so myself!

So that's it for me. One week exactly until my wedding and I have only been majorly minorly stressed out.


  1. One week until your wedding?!! Good luck with it all-cant wait to see some pics!
    Love the projects as well!


  2. I think your hand picture looks GREAT!! I have that project pinned but haven't tried it in the classroom yet!