Monday, 1 July 2013

Currently ... going crazy?

Just checked Farley's blog.
I can't believe how many people have linked up. Crazy. 

Listening: Wimbledon. I love this time of year. I don't even play tennis. I have been a fan of watching Wimbledon since HS, probably because I had a crush on a tennis player and I was an Anglo-phile. Lots of people say tennis can be boring, but it's great to have on in the background.

Loving: My friend's threw me the most fabulous hen (bachelorette) weekend. We went tubing, had facials, got vintage hairstyles and then cocktails, finished off by tree course (?), which involves walking across obstacles and ziplining in the trees. 
Also currently obsessed with teacher blogs. Been getting real bad lately :/

Thinking: Wedding. Crap. Wedding. Crap. One month! Totally don't feel anywhere near prepared. Also still thinking about school, as in, what should I do for such-and-such lesson tomorrow. (Not great at really planning ahead). 

Wanting: I really want to start making some simple products and have watched a YouTube tutorial, but not quite confident enough to do it yet. 

Needing: Sunshine. England has had the WORST weather. I know that is such a cliche, but it's totally true. Being a California girl, this whole, no sun thing is getting wearing. It's gotten to the point that a hot day is like 60!
Also really needing to lose weight. At least my wedding dress fits, just doesn't mean that I look particularly good in it. I'm the only bride I know that hasn't actually dieted properly. I have probably done more of the opposite and stress ate.

Tips: Are welcomed. I've had this blog for almost a year and haven't done much with it. Thanks to the 19 of you that have followed me :)

I wanted to add more to this post and will try to put some pics in from the weekend when I get them through.



  1. I have never played tennis but have always enjoyed it in the background while I'm doing something else as well. You should definitely try making something. You won't know what you can do until you try!
    Enchanting Elementary

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Laura! I definitely am going to have a go once I'm out of school.


  2. Becky! I am so glad I found you through the blog hop!

    I am jealy you are in England!

    Congrats on your wedding!

    The Frizz

  3. SOO exciting! Weddings are just so fabulous! Minus the planning and stress! lol Try to enjoy it, it goes by fast!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten