Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pinning and a Faux Five for Friday

I was gutted that there was no Five for Friday this week, mainly because I FINALLY had something to write about. No worries though, First Grade Parade has come up with an awesome linky idea - Favorite Pins Friday!

 Last year I caved in and signed up to Pinterest. There has been no turning back. You can follow my Pinterest boards here. I've got some awesome pins if I do say so myself, they are not as organised as I'd want. I promise to sort them out soon.
My first pin is like an OCD teacher organisation dream ... and it comes from one of my real-life BF's, Miss Kaytie over at Orange Polka Dots.

The most amazing resource binder!
 This blogpost has all the details on how to organise and create a fabulous binder with all your resources. I love love love the post-it circular tabs she created.

This next pin is one of my faves because I've actually just tried it in class and it was great.

There are lots of different plant Science Activities on this website. I did this very bean plant activity with my kiddos but used plastic CD cases instead. It was great to see the seeds germinate and grow. The kids were so excited to see the roots, especially when we replanted them into pots.

I found this pin a few weeks ago and was IN LOVE! I'm still not sure what colours and things I want in my room, but love love love this original idea from Primary Graffiti.


So in other news ...
I'm getting married in a month! Holy Moly this last year has flown by.
I can't find the original link for this next pin, so if you know where it came from, just let me know.

Our wedding is in a barn and going to have a rustic/vintage feel to it. I love this pin and have been on a hunt for an affordable suitcase. It seems like this theme is popular now, as they are like £40 ($60) in thrift stores.

Yesterday I was shopping browsing our version or Target (although nowhere as good!) when I found exactly what I had been looking for ... a three-drawer organiser. I had been inspired by many a blogger who had created those 'File, Copy, Mark' drawers. Fun in 4B has even recently blogged about it for her Monday Made-It.

She was kind enough to offer her drawer labels for free ... check it out.
I digress ... so I was on a bit of a hunt for similar drawers. Seriously looked in loads of shops, which offered 4-5 drawers, drawers that were long enough, but not wide enough, drawers that were £20 ($35). I was really bumming that these drawers seemed so elusive. But then ...

I found this beauty sitting alone on a random shelf. It had no price and it was on a stationary shelf, so I left it. I went upstairs to see if I could find more, but lo-and-behold only 4-drawers. Decided to grab this guy and asked someone for a price-check before I paid £20 for plastic.
They were £1 ($1.50). No freakin' way! Best buy of the year!

Last week was my Hen Do (Bachelorette Party) and I had too much fun. I wish I had some pics to post, but at the moment all the pics are living on my friend's camera. I do however have 1 pic ...

I might have snagged this bag in Cath Kidtson in the sale. My man doesn't know about it yet ...
He bought me a different Cath Kidtson bag for my bday in Jan and I have been using it faithfully. But I love me some spots and I love the canvas style and space of this bag.

In sports news...
Loving Wimbledon. As you can imagine, everyone over here is pumped about Andy Murray. Could the UK finally have a Wimbledone champ after all these years?

Okay last of my rambling ... I promise.
It has been crappy weather all spring/summer. Now I know, I live in England, it's known for it's crap weather, but seriously, it has been super bad.
Yesterday it was finally 'hot' (I do use that term loosely, especially for those of you that have been suffering in the heat waves). It was probably in the high 70's. The kids were outside and I heard one of them say it was like the desert... Bless, they really are deprived of hot weather.

Okay for reals, the last thing.
My blog got a makeover! Thank you so much Christi. You can find her button at the bottom.


  1. I organize everything so thanks for the link to that fantastic binder! I've also been admiring those File, Copy, Mark drawers that I have been seeing everywhere, but haven't yet made one for myself!

    Love to Learn

    1. I love the binder. My friend spent sooo long on it. I think once you commit, you've got to do it.
      I especially love the printing on post-its...ingenious. Hope you are able to take on the task.

  2. Hi!!!!! Great to find another American in the UK!! I've been loving the weather these past couple days too (I'm from Arizona)... congrats on getting married in a month!

    Would love to hear more about your experiences in the UK--I'm the English Co-originator and teach Year 5 & 6 English. Can't wait for summer holidays!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

    1. Hi Kelli,
      I'm so glad you found me!! It've just started to follow your blog. Can't wait to look back through your posts to give me some ideas.
      I teach Year 3 but am going back up to Year 4 next year. I think English is definitely an area that I want to improve on, so I'm so interested to see your ideas.
      I can't wait for summer either!