Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday Made It - Wedding Decorations

So the official countdown is on, less than a month until my wedding! Cray-cray, the time has flown by, just like everyone said it would.
I am hopeful that I have most of the big things organised, but have now started sweating the small stuff .. the small stuff being those decorations that really make the day special.
I'm finally linking up with Tara. Now I feel a bit naughty because this isn't a school one, but I do have a few projects in the pipeline, it's just this impending wedding has taken over!

Monday Made - It

We are getting married in a medieval barn which has exposed beams and a thatched roof. We've decided to go for a rustic, vintage-type theme.
I have been stalking pinterest for over a year and saw lots and lots of chalkboard ideas.

Love this menu idea
We are having a BBQ for our wedding, so I thought it would be nice to display what is on offer. My sister had suggested painting the glass on a picture frame or mirror ... but I was unsure how well the paint would stick and if it would be streaky.

Got my supplies. When I took apart the frame it hit me ... duh! Why don't I paint the hard back board.

I bought a rather large frame for £8. I also bought blackboard paint and some brushes. Total cost = £12 ($15). I painted the woodeny-type backboard with two thin coats of blackboard paint. I let them dry between coats. I managed to do this whilst watching Wimbledon. Paint. Watch the set. Paint. Watch another set. Andy Murray for the win!! Put frame back together.

So I know this looks super black, but it is only because I had to adjust the pic brightness. Would you believe we had a gloriously hot day and it was hard to get a picture. Can't wait to use this and am sooooo stoked at how cheap this was. 
Another win is the fact that I can potentially use this as a frame after.

Thanks for linking up.


  1. Wedding stuff is so fun! I love your blog and am working on nominating you for a blog award. I'll have it posted later this afternoon for you to check out!

  2. Hello - I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award and as part of my nomination I have nominated you. Please visit my blog and follow the instructions to be a Liebster Award blogger too!

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