Saturday, 3 August 2013

Currently ... Stressed out

So it's nearly time...
I'm getting married on Monday.
I haven't been looking at blogs for the past week, which is so unheard of. I just couldn't.
Then I saw that Farley's currently was up...and I decided to use it as a nice way to relax.
So without further ado...

As you might imagine, everything on here is basically wedding related. I only finished school last week, so the b2s thing isn't on my mind at the moment.
Listening: I woke up at 6:30 today. You'd think with how tired I am I could actually sleep in, but once I'm up my mind starts I thought I'd do a blog post to take my mind off things for a while.
Loving: So I know this one is super cheesy, but ... I've tried really hard not to be a bridezilla, but with my divorced parents both arriving to England and me suddenly becoming a taxi service, my stress levels have increased and my patience has all but disappeared. Add to this that last weekend I tried my dress on and it didn't fit! Cue the absolute sobbing hysterics. HE HAS BEEN A SAINT! Dress is sorted BTW - turns out that even if you don't diet, but decide to start physical activities like climbing and weightlifting, you will increase in size. I haven't really gained weight, but apparently muscle mass. oops.
Thinking: Wedding, 'nuff said
Wanting: No rain and for the wedding to be the best day ever. The rain thing is out of my hands. As the weatherman has just said, 'Looks like Monday will be a washout, but dry on Tuesday'. Sucks for the outdoor activities and beautiful grounds my guests will not be seeing.
Needing: To feel like I'm actually on summer holidays
B2S must haves: As I mentioned before, I only just finished school. I'll be honest, until last week I've been obsessing about this next year. My must haves are a clean room, which isn't happening at the moment. I've been locked out until Sep. and I had to move rooms. See here
Cute room. I saw the cutest room decor pack on Pinterest like 3 months ago by Primary Graffiti. Her Funky Sock Monkey is such a random and cute idea. It will kinda match the wallpaper I've used on one of my bulletin boards. I'm just waiting for that bad boy to go on sale and then I'll be snapping it up.
Patience - I know this isn't something you can't physically buy (which is such a shame), but the beginning of the year is soooooo exhausting that a little extra patience can go a long way.

Thanks so much to anyone who has managed to read this whole thing. Sorry it was not very school related. I really needed to do this to focus my mind and chill out for a bit :)


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  2. Ooooo have a wonderful day on Monday! I am sure you will look gorgeous! I am now following you so will check back for an update! I hope it doesn't rain for you!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  3. Many congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Congratulations on your wedding!!! I hope everything is wonderful!!! That sock monkey set is really cute...I remember when she put had it on her blog...I actually got to meet her two weeks ago!! Maybe the next time you post you'll be 'Mrs. Saint' ;-)

    1. I will definitely be blogging as Mrs Saint next time.
      Everyone says that the day will go by quickly, so I just hope I get to look at all the hard work put into it and enjoy it.

  5. I'm sure your wedding will be lovely and it will go all so fast! Remember it's you and your husband's day and you will reflect back on it often. :) I hope to see pictures!

    1. Thanks Christina -
      I'm sure my next post will just be pics.

  6. How fun and exciting!! I'm sure it'll be wonderful even if it is rainy. Where in England do you live? I lived in London for two years and went to high school there. I loved living there!!