Friday, 7 September 2012


So my new obession at the moment is using velcro in my room. Here in England there is this stuff called Blu-Tac, which is basically like stretchy putty that you can stick to stuff and then stick anywhere you like .... supposedly. I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. Love it because its so easy to use, hate it because  after awhile posters and papers start dropping off my wall and sometimes there is a blue residue leftover.
Cue the velcro idea! I saw some great classroom job charts on Pinterest and decided this would be perfect to keep my room immaculate this year. I had originally thought about using popsicle sticks in paper envelopes, or something along those lines. Then I though about sticking the students name under a job with blue tac ... but then ... inspiration.
I decided to use velcro strips under a job heading.
I then took each students picture and laminated them. Behind each picture was the otherside of the velcro strip. I put all the pics in a plastic sleeve and stuck that on the chart with velcro. I hated the way the sleeve hung open so decided to create a fastener for that with velcro as well. (See the obsession starting!)
I then was able to randomly select a student and stick their face under a classroom job. I thought this would also be handy if I ever had a sub because they could instantly see who was responsible for our room tasks.


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