Friday, 30 May 2014

Five for Friday - May half-term edition

Update: Can't believe I forgot to include this...

I was horrified to hear about the stabbing and shooting in Isla Vista last week. As a UCSB alumna, former sorority member and former Isla Vista resident, I know how close the community is. I am saddened when I think how the campus must be at the moment.

So while most of you amazing bloggers out there are finished or counting down the days until school is out, I have a whole half-term left, the longest one of the year, 8 more weeks! Luckily we do get these lovely breaks between each half-term, so I am currently off for the week.
My Five for Friday link up is a bit of a cheat because it's from the last two weeks.
I meant to link up last week, honestly...
but my brain was FRIED and by the weekend I could hardly remember my name.
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Last week was all sorts of craziness at school. We had to squeeze in an end of year maths, reading, writing and spelling test, which seems strange considering we have 8 weeks left. That means last week and this week (my week off mind you) I have been marking said tests!
In true teacher fashion, my 'week off' has also resulted in me bringing home those last few books to mark, my planning book, and an RE curriculum to look through to see if our school is interested in investing in it.

In the middle of the crazy week our year group had the opportunity to go to a local farm run by Sir someone. The house and amount of land owned by this man and his family was ridiculously huge. The trip was great because lots of local companies set up an exhibit and explain to the children what they do ... even if it's not entirely PC (hunting dog exhibit, I'm looking at you). The children were able to see a cow and calf as well as a sheep and little lambs, although the man did proceed to explain to the children about how long the lambs actually got till they were, um, 'sent away'. At least the kids know where their food is coming from.
I was shocked to find out the Kettle Chips factory is actually in our lovely county. The children were shown the whole process of potato to chip.
They also were able to see the gun dogs at work, a bee hive, farm traps for those nasty critters that ruin crops and loads more. Such a fab day!

We finally had some nice weather last week and I decided to take advantage on Monday and Tuesday and let the kids free read outside during Guided Reading (okay, so maybe I hadn't actually planned GR for the week) but the kids loved it. I really enjoyed watching them sit so quietly and still, a very rare feat for my bunch.
BTW, hot weather is now classified as high 60's to low 70's. My California days of thinking that was cold are gone.
This week I have been 'trying' to do some work and be productive. One thing I have been meaning to cross off my to do list is making our wedding album. I have spent HOURS working on this.

10 months after said wedding isn't that long right?
Last week I also found out my year placement for next school year. I am moving up to year 5 (4th grade) which I have never taught. This will now be my 3rd move in 3 years, which also means I get the same bunch of kiddos for another year, as in my third time with them! Thankfully I absolutely adore this year group, but I'm a little worried that they're going to be sick of me of the sight of me...

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  1. Welcome to Year 5-same as me!!!

    Loved reading your Five for Friday...the countryside around your school is beautiful! Wish we had that at my school.

    Quick question for you-what reading comprehension assessment does your school use to come up with levels? I can't find any good ones!!


    1. Hi Kelli -
      Our school uses a variety of reading assessments because our governors require an update every half-term!
      For our end of year assessment we use the QCA - which is similar to the SATs, but for the lower year groups.
      During the year we have used two other assessments, Pira and Nfer. I couldn't say which I prefer out of the two.
      Hope that helps.