Sunday, 19 January 2014

Eek, Slimdown Saturday 3

I'm linking up again with Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits for

So this week was BAD
real BAD...
but I've got some good excuses.
Do you like that, not even one excuse, but some excuses.

 First ... It was my birthday Monday. Although my intentions were that it was going to be like any other Monday and I was going to go climbing, my husband had other plans.
We went out to eat at TGI Fridays (which btw just opened here) and it was delicious (seriously, I'm shocked. The TGI's in the states is meh). So needless to say one workout not done and extra yummy food eaten.
Birthday present - he'll definitely help me make healthy meals

Wednesday was a real game changer.

Lunchtime rolls around and all of a sudden all the staff are in the staffroom. My headteacher walks in to tell us that Ofsted, the school inspectors, had just rung to say they were coming Thursday and Friday. Cue massive panic. Instead of my korfball practise, I was hunkering down at school with the rest of the teachers making sure all our assessment tracking was up to date, plans were written and included everything they would be looking for, and materials were already prepared.
School inspections are a big deal. A bad inspection potentially means your school could get shut down.
Thursday came and the inspectors arrived. It was tense for everyone wondering if and when they would come by to watch their lesson. We actually get graded on our lessons and this can influence their reports. I was blessed to have not only the lead inspector, but my headteacher arrive mid-way through my maths lesson. That was a really tense half hour and I actually started sweating at one point.
If that wasn't scary enough, another inspector arrived for my afternoon lesson! (Some people didn't get viewed once on Thursday).
I'm happy to say I got an outstanding (the highest mark) for that maths lesson and a good for my afternoon lesson. Phew!

I finally managed to pick up my present from my mom...

I'm happy to say that yesterday was the first day I got a chance to wear it.

I'm pretty sure this little thing is going to keep me in check (fingers crossed). I might have been obsessively syncing my data throughout the day on my phone. Thankfully yesterday (Saturday) I was able to squeeze in my only other workout for the week.
My word for this next week is SUSTAIN and this pic from yesterday is what I'm aiming for. 
Good luck to everyone this next week.


  1. Ugh Observations by ANYBODY make me want to throw up!!! I can be crazy and put on a show when NO adults are watching me... but put ONE extra adult in the room and I freeze up. I have been eying up that fitbit (my friend gave me one of the clip on ones but I never used it and have no book or anything on it..and the battery is dead. Plus the bracelet looks so much better haha) but haven't decided if I want to splurge on it. Happy belated birthday!!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  2. Birthday and week would've been shocked!! I just recently heard about fitbit. I'm thinking of asking for one for my birthday in May.
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. The fact that you still posted even though you had a tough week means you are still on track! Your observations sound beyond stressful!!!!! I am glad they went well for you! That bracelet looks very cool! I am definitely going to have to check it out! Sounds like a wonderful birthday present!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  4. You have some very good excuses. Those observations sound VERY stressful, but sounds like you did a great job!! My birthday is next Monday, so I am already trying to plan for that! My husband is taking me out Saturday and my family is taking me out on Monday. I am hoping I can keep my exercise and weight loss in check! I hope this week is better.