Sunday, 12 January 2014

Slim Down Saturday 2

Knowing I was going to be writing this all week has really made me THINK about what I was eating and how much exercise I was getting.
So thanks again to Third Grade Tidbits for hosting this linky...'s my week:

I've not put anything in the weight loss because at the moment, that is not my focus. I weighed myself for the first time this week (since the wedding in August), just so I know where I'm working from.
I was pleased with the amount of fruit and veg I managed to incorporate into my meals this week. Lots of salads with cous cous for lunch, snacking on carrots and pepper with hummus, and trying to incorporate with more into dinner.

Okay, so I know that picture looks HORRIBLE, but it's only because I forgot to take a pic of the end product.
I am trying to eat less carbs in the evening and I saw a zucchini crust pizza recipe on Pinterest that I thought I'd try. Now I'm not putting the link up because the actual link takes you to some unsavoury websites...
Basically I got 2 large zucchini and grated them. I added 2 eggs and some cheese into the mixture. I spread in on a baking tray and let it bake for 20 minutes. I then topped my pizza base with the usual gubbins and baked again for 10 minutes. It was pretty good.
Something I definitely need to work on is having less coffee, I just love it! I have my coffee with 2 sugars which isn't very good if you're having 4 cups a day.
One thing I thought I did well this week was to incorporate different types of exercise: indoor climbing Monday, gym Tuesday, biking Thursday, and a Body Balance (yoga, tai'chi class) on Saturday. I do need to add more cardio though if I want to lose weight, so that is my goal for next week.
My word this week is TIME. I need to make sure that I make time for a workout, even if it's only 25 minutes before school. I also need to make time to plan my meals and prep them so if I'm busy in the evenings, dinner will be nearly ready.

I'm going to try and follow this Total Body Transformation workout that I found on Pinterest. It seems reasonable and hopefully will focus me when I go into the gym.

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I might be slightly forgiven for having a nice meal with the hubs, but straight back on it for Tuesday.
If you want to follow my Fitness board on Pinterest you can here.
 Good luck to the rest of you!


  1. Hi! I found your blog on the Slim Down Saturday Linky and I am your newest follower!

    I am always looking for great ways to have pizza! I am not eating gluten, dairy, or sugar (this is day 2 after a BIG holiday break). Since I can't have cheese, maybe the zucchini would add a little more taste and texture to the pizza. I might have to try that recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Have a great week and I can't wait to read about your success, next Saturday!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

    1. Wow Beth, you are brave and must have incredible willpower to give up dairy, gluten and sugar ... definitely my 3 vices. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding me. I'm hoping to give an actual carb-free recipe this coming Saturday, hopefully it'll be of use.


  2. Time is a killer for me too. I am always soooo tired by the time I get home, do dinner, bedtime with my daughter, do what I need to for work, etc. I am just drained! I am doing better...if I would just go to bed at a decent hour I MIGHT not be so tired!