Sunday, 10 March 2013

Disgusting Recipes

This week my English set created some disgusting recipes to help them understand both instruction writing and verbs. I took this idea off my fellow Year 3 teachers, who did this project more in-depth last year.
My set need lots of support and repetition. Our main focus this year has been teaching them phonics and using this to decode words for reading, and segmenting and blending words to spell. I became aware that by following our phonics programme my students weren't really getting the opportunity for much writing. So we have been slowly phasing this in for the past month.
Our story this week was called "The Spell" about a witch who tries to create a spell to punish her cat. In our short story she uses cobwebs and rat tail, as well as a variety of gross things. Perfect opportunity to get my kids to write and use their imaginations.
We started by having them work in pairs and deciding what they would make. Prior to this I passed out recipe cards for them to look at and understand the structure of their writing. The pairs came up with a list of ingredients and recorded it in their books. The next step was for them to create their ingredients using Play-Do and paper.
Students creating 'boogies' and eyeballs for their disgusting recipe.

The previous day we had come up with our list of cooking verbs. I was completely blown away by how many they came up with.
Next, they were able to take their ingredients and actually act out what they wanted to do. After they did their first instruction, they wrote it out. We wrote the first 3 together, checking for punctuation and complete sentences. They then took off and wanted to finish their recipes on their own. I loved how excited they were and their ability to try out new words in sentences.
Acting out how to cook their recipe and recording each step in their books. 

Overall I would say this has been our most successful writing piece. Loved being able to hit the different learning styles of my students for once, it can be hard to reach them sometimes.
Do you have a creative idea to get children to write?

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