Monday, 11 March 2013

Let's Get Acquainted

Found this great linky from Flying into First Grade. I have really enjoyed linking up with other blogs and it's a  great way to find new blogs and  let people know about mine.

The topic for Mrs Reed's first-ever-linky is to share 3 things about yourself that you like or like to do using your initials. So here it goes
B is for burritos. Something I <3 to eat and miss terribly living here in England. Gone are the days of stopping off anywhere within a mile radius to get my burrito fix.

C is for cooking. Something I am really terrible at. Okay, not terrible but not great. All my food comes out slightly not perfect. Luckily my fiancee still eats it. 

Q, man this is a hard one. Erm ... quizzes. I do love a good pub quiz, although my team never comes first. I also love me some quiz shows - while in the US it's Jeopardy in the UK I love Pointless.


Love that nothing on my section has to do with teaching but two things have to do with food :) 


  1. I love food too! I will eat a burrito for you. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I just found your blog from the linky party. I too taught in England one year - I taught Year 2... so the last year of Infants. And I missed Mexican food like crazy and peanut butter! That was a few years ago and have since seen what I call "normal" peanut butter in the UK, but I know that feeling- you just want something from home once in a while. When I got back home all I wanted was a jacket potato, some digestives and a Pimms and lemonade. Funny how that works. Just seeing your blog made me think I need to teach in the UK again - I'm jealous of you! Have fun and enjoy it! I can't see how to be your follower, but I will be checking in because reading your blog brings back memories!

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. Thanks for commenting. That's great that you had a chance to teach in England. I'm here for the long haul at the moment, fiancee is English. I'd be scared to teach in the states now though, so different!
      I'm new to blogging so haven't managed to figure out buttons and what not. Any tips?

  3. I love to cook too! And believe me - I've produced lots of "slightly not perfect" dishes - you can ask my husband for verification. He's very kind about it - thank God for patient men :)

    Joy in the Journey